Compact Tension Fixtures 2780 Series

Fatigue Compact Tension Fixtures for Servohydraulic machines to test crack growth. POD including 2780-118, 2780-119, 2780-120

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  • 6/26/2017
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英斯特朗 3300 系列电子万能材料试验机

3300系列测试机器是专门为满足标准化和日常测试的要求而开发的。该系列产品能够以最经济的价格为用户提供 Instron一如既往的出色质量

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  • 8/9/2013
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Equivalency Testing of Bluehill 3 and Bluehill Universal - a Statistical Review

For medical device companies as part of software validation, GR&R testing is required to prove that new software is capable of producing the same results as the previous software version. Instron conducted a series of tests to prove software equivalence between Bluehill 3 and Bluehill Universal as part of this validation process.

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  • 6/19/2017
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Bluehill 3 Common Issues

If an error message displays when opening Bluehill 3, follow the instructions in this document to try to resolve the error. If you are not able to successfully connect to Bluehill 3 after checking the settings in this document, please contact Instron Technical Support for additional assistance.

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  • 6/15/2017
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Setting Proportional Gain for Load Control

When running in load control, shaking or vibration coming from the machines motor can occur. This is due to the proportional gain factor (feedback) being set incorrectly. The proportional gain factor is material specific. Tuning the gain setting will adjust how quickly the Instron frame’s motor reacts to changes in force measured by the load cell.

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  • 6/15/2017
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IndustrialSeries Brochure

The trend toward high-strength, lightweight materials for the aerospace, energy, construction, and transportation industries requires materials testing systems to be durable, yet maintain precise control while generating critical test data. Software user interfaces must be easy to use, yet flexible enough to meet the increasing demands of the testing world. The Industrial Series delivers exceptional performance packaged in reliable, innovative system designs that offer superior accuracy and repeatability, improved safety, and an overall enhanced user experience.

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  • 6/8/2017
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