CEAST - Materials Testing Instruments

Instron acquired CEAST in 2008 for it's ability to compliment Instron's product portfolio with its well-known line of Plastics Testing Instruments.

CEAST's origins trace back to 1953, when Dr. Mario P. Grosso founded the Compagnia Europea Apparecchi Scientifici Torino (CEAST). Initially, CEAST was involved with the refurbishment of technical instruments supplied to Italy by the USA under the Marshall Plan following World War II. These instruments were key in restarting the Italian Petrochemical Industry that had been destroyed by the war. CEAST began working with big companies, including Montecatini, Edison, Snia-BPD, Rumianca, and Rhodiatoce. These close contacts allowed CEAST to identify the customers' needs and, based on this experience, CEAST started the development of a new generation of testing instruments for polymer characterization, research and quality control.

Today, CEAST is a part of Instron's product line. Located in Pianezza (near Torino) Italy, CEAST manufactures the CEAST Series consisting of Impact Testers, Capillary Rheometer Systesm, Melt Flow Testers, Thermo-Mechanical HDT Vicat Testers, Specimen Preparation, and more!


Impact Testers

Perform impact testing by swinging pendulum method or falling deadweight.

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Specimen Preparation

Machines for manual and fully-automated specimen notching, milling and punching cut methods.

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The CeastVIEW software suite provides a complete interface between the instruments and the end-user.

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Smart Rheo

Capillary Rheometers

Investigate the rheological properties of polymers and composite thermoplastic materials.

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Die Plug and Cutting Device

Melt Flow Testers

Ideal for plastic materials Melt Mass-Flow Rate (MFR) and Melt Volume-Flow Rate (MVR) measurements.

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Sinpler HV3S 2

HDT Vicat Thermo-Mechanical Testers

Determine the behavior of plastic materials at high temperature. 

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