Crash Simulation

Over the past 20 years, the importance of occupant protection in the development of automobiles has greatly increased. Tighter legal requirements and consumer protection programs have led to significant innovations in the area of active and passive safety. Passive safety is mainly focused on the development of methods and guidelines that reduce the severity of injuries caused by accidents.

The Challenge 

The implementation of these methods and requirements are extremely demanding for car manufacturers and their component suppliers.

When developing safety components such as airbags, seat belts, seats, etc., a wide range of crash scenarios must be covered and tested in a timely manner. In addition to the modeling process in the design phase and the test of a complete car in the real crash test, the crash simulation system, also known as a sled test system, is one the most important tools in the development process of these safety components.

Today, these crash simulation systems must ensure an efficient and productive testing process in addition to the performance required for the test. This way, these instruments can optimally support the development of safety systems.

Our Solution

In the area of passive safety, Instron is the market leader, with over 75 installed crash simulation sled systems. In addition to well-known applications such as frontal, offset, and rear impact, the actively controlled pitch motion simulation for frontal tests has proven to be an outstanding technology in the field.

Acceleration sled systems from Instron are used for the development and approval of vehicle safety systems and vehicle parts, as well as for the investigation of material and structural behavior during crash procedures.

These innovative systems have a proven record of strong performance and undisputed quality. Having original and unique solutions for current and future testing increases productivity and ensures efficient test operation.

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Instron 是台车碰撞模拟系统的市场领导者,在全球范围内总共安装了80多台设备。碰撞模拟器能够再现各种标准化或用户自定义的碰撞测试,包括侧面碰撞和车辆俯仰模拟等高级应用。




Instron® TestMaster 自动化测试系统可用于各种材料和试样的拉伸、弯曲和压缩测试。