Exhaust Line Durability Test



The investigation of the durability of complex assemblies and structures such as vehicle exhaust lines is an essential part of the vehicle development processes conducted by automotive manufacturers and component suppliers. The exhaust line has to withstand thermal and physical loads from the combustion process, gear changes, engine torque and driving maneuvers. In view of ever-shorter development cycles and increasing demand for longer warranty periods, close-to-real laboratory testing of exhaust lines is therefore a critical step in the development cycle.

our Solution

exhaust line test

Our ARTEL exhaust line test rig was developed specifically for long-term durability testing of complete vehicle exhaust lines and enables realistic simulation of the service conditions, through thermal and mechanical loading. The shake table on which the engine is installed provides six degrees of freedom and is designed to simulate engine manifold loads. Longitudinal and lateral acceleration signals are generated by means of three to five independent gantries with the associated hydraulic actuators. For fast and convenient installation of the exhaust lines in the test rig, the gantry arms are equipped with linear motors and can be adjusted so that the suspension points coincide with the actual vehicle mounting points.

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