Exhaust Mount Fatigue Testing


Engine Mount

With increasing customer expectations for a quality, reliable product, there is a need to fully test all components.  Rubber mounts, such as those used to connect a vehicle’s engine and transmission to its chassis are required to reduce the transmission of vibrations, protecting the rigid frame and leading to a more comfortable ride.  The elastomeric material used in these components tends to naturally degrade. Simulating real-life conditions is critical to ensure the component can meet the designer’s expectations.  Choosing the correct control parameters required to perform this type of test reliably can be challenging and requires a high-performance test instrument.


Fatigue Testing

Engineers began using ElectroPuls™ test instruments to easily perform advanced fatigue tests to understand the fatigue life of rubber mounts. These tests not only validate the component by simulating real-life road conditions but also give insights into the damping characteristics of the material. The mounts were tested at different displacement amplitudes using frequency sweeps to represent the different conditions to which the components are subjected. Choosing the correct control parameters for this type of test is made simple thanks to the patented Stiffness Based Auto Tuning of the ElectroPuls, which automatically optimizes the correct control parameters in seconds. Because Instron® provides simple to use software with built-in DMA calculations, it is quick and easy for users to setup and run tests, saving more time to analyze the data.

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ElectroPuls® 手册

ElectroPuls 是一种先进的全电子材料试验机,用于各种材料和部件的动静态测试。ElectroPuls 系统采用单相电源供电,具有最新的材料试验技术,以及许多面向客户的其他功能。

WaveMatrix™2 样册

WaveMatrix2 是专为材料和部件的疲劳及动态测试设计的智能软件。它可以为多种应用提供灵活性,包括简单的静态斜坡、循环波形以及复杂的多步多轴测试等。高度可视化的软件界面集成了列表式模块窗口,清晰的菜单结构,基于时间的矩阵式测试进程预览以及可配置的实时显示屏,其直观易操作,可极大增强使用者信心。此外还包含很多智能特征,如数据缩减功能和内置项目组织,旨在简化您的测试。




凭借 70 多年的材料测试经验,Instron® 的创新能力使用户的业务得以蓬勃发展。我们致力于提供令人满意的服务,并提高系统在使用周期内的可用性。