Component Testing

Electric vehicles (EVs) introduce new components into the automotive industry that require mechanical testing for both development and quality control environments.



EV battery packs consist of thousands of interconnected battery cells, resulting in thousands of potential failure locations. From an individual cell, to a module, and ultimately to the EVs battery pack – each assembly’s quality is a critical concern for automotive manufacturers. Testing components can be challenging to fixture into a universal test machine, and depending on the number of components, it can be a frustratingly inefficient process.

Our Solution

AT2 XY Stage

Instron’s AT2 XY Stage can automate testing to improve efficiency by removing the operator and need to reposition and fix specimens to jigs over and over again. Operators can focus on more value-added activities.

If throughput is not a concern, Instron offers a variety of component testing fixtures, including a manual XY stage, t-slot tables, and tapped test plates.


EV battery technology is constantly evolving, so are its testing requirements. Learn how you can stay on top of changing trends with the the latest universal testing technology.

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