Terminal Strength Test

The Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) has defined standards that are critical for qualifying electrical components used in automobiles. Due to the exponential increase in applications of microelectronics in automobiles, these standards are of extreme importance. AEC-Q200-006-REV (A) defines the standard for verifying component terminal strength in order to withstand axial stresses that are likely applied from the manufacturing process of finished printed circuit boards (PCBs). Electronics assembly manufacturers and OEMs are interested in understanding the solder joint strength of leads of a surface mount device (SMD) bonded to a PCB or other substrate.

The standard requires a force to be applied on the component axially for 60 seconds, which results in shearing the component. This force should be applied gradually, and should not induce shock on the component.

Our Solution

Instron® offers a dedicated Die Shear Fixture that can be used in single or dual column systems to meet the AEC Q200-006 (A) standard. The fixture has the capabilities to hold a finished PCB in position and shear the target SMD. The adjustable holder of this fixture can account for the various sizes of PCBs, and the linear rail helps the operator to center the shear tool on the component. Different sizes of shear tools are offered based on the dimensions of the SMD. Bluehill® Universal software is used to create test methods as per the standard requirements.

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凭借 70 多年的材料测试经验,Instron® 的创新能力使用户的业务得以蓬勃发展。我们致力于提供令人满意的服务,并提高系统在使用周期内的可用性。