Dental Implant Testing

The  Challenge

Dental Implant

The shape of the implant and material used are continuously researched in order to improve contact with the gum and fusion with the bone. Therefore, dental implants designed from various manufacturers tend to have many differences. In addition, the size and shape of the implant varies depending on their application and where they are placed in the mouth. This creates a challenge when testing specimens and comparing materials and designs.

Our Solution 

Dental Implant Testing

With an array of implant sizes and geometries, angled dental implants can be mounted into an Instron® dental variable angle fixture for testing. The fixture ensures that the mounting neither over constrains the implant nor generates large lateral forces that can damage the load cell or the testing machine. As with straight dental implants, pre-angled dental implants can also be tested in an aqueous environment, if corrosion fatigue is expected to occur. The fixture can be mounted in a fluid bath to test the implant in saline solution, or other physiological medium, while the temperature is maintained at 37 °C.