Compression Testing of Batteries

IEC 62133 | UL 2054 | UN/DOT 38.3

The Challenge

As battery technology advances, lithium-ion batteries are being miniaturized in size and weight to meet the needs of manufacturers that produce everything from mobile devices and laptops, to automobiles and other electronic devices. The mix of evolving technology and miniaturization of parts demands new testing requirements to meet safety standards. Characterization and evaluation of mechanical properties of internal structural materials and cells are important, as they are exposed to forces and pressures during the manufacturing process and in everyday consumer use.

Our Solution

Instron offers a wide variety of solutions for compression testing of batteries that can be used for research and development, as well as quality control. Our compression platens are offered at many diameters to fit a range of component sizes and capacity requirements. Puncture probes are also available at various radii and offer multi-point compression in localized areas, allowing you to evaluate critical components and consistency of strength across the battery. Instron also offers the option for manual setup of testing fixtures, ideal for research and development labs, as well as fully automated solutions with an Automated XY Stage Testing System for production and quality testing.