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Top Ways to Measure Elongation of Tire Rubber

Understand the challenges of testing elastomers, and learn about the top three extensometer solutions.

20 Ways to Test a Syringe [WEBINAR]

On October 18, learn twenty mechanical tests for syringes, that may be required for complying to international quality standards, including ISO 11040-4, ISO 7886-1, ISO 8537, ISO 80369-20, and ISO 11608.

Instron at K 2016: Testing plastics from static to dynamic, from R&D to twenty four/seven

Instron will be present at K 2016 fair in Dusseldorf, from October 19th to 26th, with its full range of products: from basic research to incoming inspection and routine testing.


美国英斯特朗是全球领先的设计评估材料及构件力学性能的检测设备供应商。近期发布了针对塑料的最新自动化测试系统:TM AT3(做拉伸试验)和TM AT3+(做拉伸、弯曲试验)。