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Upgrade Your Old Side Acting Grips

Mechanical grips can become cumbersome when an operator has to continually tighten and loosen the grips for each test. Additionally, as grips age, you may experience difficulty in their operation and an increase in maintenance. Replacing your existing mechanical or side acting pneumatic grips (up to 10 kN) with Instron 2712-04x and 2712-05x pneumatic side acting grips will improve your testing in a number of ways.

Do you wish it was easier to change jaw faces?

The new 2712 Series pneumatic grips make it really easy and require no tools or retaining pins; you simply slide to insert, and a ball and socket locates the jaw face correctly, removing the need for any tools when changing the jaw faces.

Change jaw faces easier

Do you wish you could minimize the risk of pinched fingers?

The 2712 Series pneumatic grips utilize a jaw face shield, adjustable jaw face closing speeds, and a larger throat area to reduce pinch incidents.

Pneumatic Grips
Adjustable Jaw Face Shields
Protects fingers from pinching hazards, while the designed holes in the shield allow for quick and easy jaw face changes

Note: 2712-051 grips are too small for shields
Flow Switch
Flow Control
Slows the grip closure speed and further reduce pinching hazard
Air Switch
Air Switch
Operates side to side, reducing the risk of accidental grip closure during sample insertion and removal
More space for fingers
Larger Throat Area
Increases room for operator fingers, reducing pinch hazard

Do you find it difficult to accurately load specimens?

The shield and jaw faces have marks to aide specimen loading. The grips also include a specimen stop, aiding in specimen alignment and giving you a consistent and repeatable specimen position, which in turn, is likely to reduce scatter in your results.

Notch in Jaw Face Shield
Notch in Jaw Face Shield
Allows for quick insertion and placement of wires without having to line up the specimen, as well as repeatable sample positioning 
Specimen Alignment Tool
Specimen Alignment Tool
Acts as a stop and allows for quick sample insertion, as well as repeatable sample positioning that ensures axial alignment and reduces test data scatter from misalignment

Pneumatic Grips Upgrade Offer

Receive a discount* on 2712-04x and 2712-05x grips, jaw faces, and air kits. You'll also receive a free specimen stop.

Contact Us To Learn More About Your Grip Upgrade Opportunities

*This offer is for accessory sales only and does not apply to accessories sold with a new machine.

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