Bluehill LE Software

Bluehill® LE Software, built on the Bluehill 3 platform, meets the requirements of fundamental applications and standardized test requirements for tension, compression, flexure, peel, and tear testing. Features, such as live control charts, automatic report generation, and TrendTracker™ database for data analysis, make it an ideal choice for Quality Control testing that demand productivity and ease of use.

Your Application. Our Expertise.

Bluehill LE automates data acquisition, machine control, analysis, and reporting for a wide range of test requirements. Take advantage of Instron’s expertise that is built into the software to comply with leading industry testing standards including ASTM, ISO, BS, EN, DIN, and JIS.

Standardized Test Methods

Bluehill LE includes a large library of general test methods tailored to the most common test standards. Test method templates are pre-formatted with all the relevant test method criteria, such as test parameters, procedure, and required calculations.

Test methods are continuously reviewed by Instron application engineers and test professionals to meet the latest requirements.

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Built-in Application Expertise

From setting up the specimen loading conditions to a calculation algorithm and everything in between, Bluehill LE guides you every step of the way to set up your tests with consistency and in compliance with standards. Most of the settings are pre-populated with options so that you can choose the option relevant to you.

Features for Efficient Workflows

One Double Click to Test

Arrange frequently used methods on your desktop and simply double click on the required test method.

Automatic Data Export

Depending on your workflow needs, you can set up destinations for the test data: ASCII files, PDF reports, and Instron TrendTracker database.

Operator Inputs without Manual Data Entry

Barcode scanner inputs and specimen dimensions, such as thickness, width, and weight, can be captured directly from the measurement devices, eliminating manual data entry.

PASS/FAIL Criteria

Set up your own logical criteria to automatically assign a PASS or FAIL test status. Acceptance range checking for multiple results can be done based on the part being tested.

Displays that Meet the Eye

Testing status, measurements, and key results are displayed on live, easy-to-read displays. Graphs of load and extension data can be set up with markers to indicate key points including yield, break, and multiple peaks. Quality control becomes easy when the key metrics are displayed on a control chart.

Flexible, Yet Simple

Intuitive Operation, Minimal Training

We understand the reality of workforce changes. Therefore, we have chosen minimal training as a key measure for usability. Instron Bluehill Software is the industry standard for user-friendly design. The clean visual design guides the user to the right place for the right task. Click a tab to see your choices and select what you want to do. It's that simple.

Right Report for the Right Audience

To accommodate a wide range of reporting needs, Bluehill LE incorporates several pre-defined report templates for output to a printer – or save the file directly as a PDF file format for easy sharing. Changing the placement of reporting elements, like charts and tables, does not involve any laborious fine adjustments and elements, such as the header and footer, can easily be setup with pre-populated choices. You have the ability to tie a specific report template to a given method ... suiting the specific requirements of your audience and automating the report generation.

A Common Language

In the testing world, Bluehill is a standard tool. Available in fifteen languages and used with thousands of systems worldwide, Bluehill's test methods, calculations, and data formats are universally recognized and accepted. Whether you are matching data with a local supplier or comparing test methods with a multi-national customer, Bluehill LE allows you to speak a common language.

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