WaveMatrix™ software for dynamic and fatigue testing delivers flexibility - run everything from a simple static ramp, to cyclic waveforms through to complex multi-step, multi-axial tests. The highly-visual environment with integrated tabular screens, clear menu structures, time-based matrix test preview, and configurable live test workspace is designed to be intuitive and instill user confidence. It is packed with intelligent features for fatigue testing such as data reduction and built-in project organization designed to simplify your testing.

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Principle of Operation

Test methods are quickly and easily constructed using a series of steps within a matrix structure, allowing the user full control over waveform shape, control mode, data logging and test progress.

Completely independent waveforms can be performed on each axis for systems with multiple axes of control. During the test method construction the user is presented with a clear graphical preview of how the test will run.

During the test a range of comprehensive data logging and data reduction tools enable the user to acquire the required data and at the same time minimise data file size through intelligent data reduction features. The user can configure the Live Test Workspace to show up to four real time graphs and add progress or status indicators.

Test results are automatically grouped together within a logical project structure allowing quick access to the data files and batch transfer of results. To aid results tracking a read-only copy of the test method is always stored with the test results.

Application Range

  • A wide variety of general purpose and advanced fatigue tests including complex Multi-axis applications

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