Save Time, Build Confidence and Deliver Better Results

The introduction of WaveMatrix redefined dynamic materials testing software, through its graphical user interface and unrivaled ease of use. Since its launch, we have continually developed the WaveMatrix Suite in response to customer applications and testing needs.

The new features introduced with WaveMatrix2 will build user-confidence, further simplify common fatigue tests, and help customers to get more value out of their test systems.

Through the introduction of Quick Test, Video Tutorials, and ready-to-run Example Methods, you will be able to get testing in seconds, reduce training time and improve user competence, and unlock new testing capabilities.

WaveMatrix2 Screen with Desk

Effortless Workflows and Streamlined Functionality

WaveMatrix2 includes Quick Test, allowing a test to be started within seconds and with an intuitive setup, powerful methods to be created with ease. Help and support are offered through video tutorials and the methods library offers "Ready-To-Run" examples.



Quick Test

Even a brand-new operator can set up a fatigue test in seconds with the intuitive, smartphone-like interface.

Tutorials & Example Methods

Select from key preconfigured example methods or get quick, contextual help when you need it.

Advanced capability without the complexity

A simple user interface doesn't mean a lack of advanced features. The modular design of WaveMatrix2 allows additional features to be added, providing power and flexibility to run complex tests.



Modules Overview

Additional modules for advanced control, advanced calculations and specimen heating control enhance your testing capabilities.


Expand your testing capabilities by linking WaveMatrix2 to temperature controllers, analog and digital transducers and many optional devices.

Your Data is safe with WaveMatrix2

Test Data is stored with a clear file structure and automatic logging timestamps test events for maximum traceability.


Data and Traceability

Logs and Traceability
Each test folder contains a timestamp log of all test events along with an archived copy of the test method which was used to produce the results.

Additional Reference Data
Results files include cycle number, step number, and loop number against all results data for easy postprocessing.

Grouping Data for Easy Access
Clearly defined folder structure and fi le types to contain your project data and individual test results.

Compatibility and Analysis
The open CSV file format is ideal for use with Excel. Use standard tables and graphs for results analysis. 

The Challenges of Running a Materials Testing Lab

More frequent employee turnover — either due to planned rotations or today's shorter job tenures — is a new fact of life for materials testing labs around the globe. While technology has advanced capabilities, for many labs it has also resulted in a reduced headcount in recent years because of these advances. Meanwhile, market demand has only increased. Any slowdown in the lab — from a training issue to a labor shortage to unsupported operating system failure — could back up work for weeks.

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Reduce prep time from 4 minutes to just 30 seconds with the Quick Test feature, even with a brand-new operator

Video Icon Turquoise

Eliminate time-consuming operator training thanks to short, contextual video tutorials within the software

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Operate an interface as powerful yet easy to use as a smartphone — users won’t see complex options until they are needed

A WaveMatrix2 upgrade offers the best of both worlds, enhancing your lab’s productivity and capability while eliminating the risk of relying on an obsolete operating system. Choose from a software-only installation if you want to purchase your new computer, or elect to have Instron provide the new computer and Windows 10 operating system for an easier upgrade process.

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