BioPuls Temperature Controlled Bath
Catalog no. 3130-100

The temperature-controlled BioBath allows for accurate simulation of the environmental conditions required for biomedical testing. Distilled water or saline solution is brought to temperature under 30 minutes and the temperature is maintained within onedegree through closed-loop temperature control. The bath has a pneumatic lifting and lowering mechanism that allows for ease of use, increases productivity, and minimizes the risk of spilling fluid on the surrounding test equipment. Most importantly, the BioBath was specifically designed for compatibility with our newest video extensometers, allowing for unparalleled accuracy in strain measurement.

Standard features include:

  • Pneumatically powered lifting mechanism smoothly raises and lowers the bath, preventing spillage and ensuring ease-of-use
  • Compatible with standard height EM frames (excluding 3342, 5942, and 5542)
  • Allows accurate closed-loop control of bath temperature at +37°C ±1°C
  • Upper pull-rod designed to minimize buoyancy changes during testing
  • Compatible with the Standard and Advanced Video Extensometers (SVE2 and AVE2) for axial strain measurements
  • Strain measurement verification possible for axial strain measurements
  • Maximum travel using video extensometer: 100 mm with a 25 mm grip separation and 10 mm gauge length marking
  • Maximum travel within bath: 80 mm with pneumatic submersible grips and 25mm grip seperation
  • Easy drainage through one-way tubing
  • Protective cover provided to shield machine from fluid spillage

BioPuls Submersible Pneumatic Side Action Grips
Catalog no. 2752-005

The submersible pneumatic side action grips and temperature controlled BioBath with pneumatic lifting and lowering mechanism is the ideal solution for a wide variety of biomedical testing applications. The single cylinder pneumatic grips allow easy specimen loading and alignment, and prevents slippage with an adjustable and constant gripping pressure applied throughout the test. These ultra lightweight grips are ideal for low-force applications, required for testing hydrogels, contact lenses, and fibers. The grips are durable for testing up to 250 N as required for biological and bio-engineered tissues, medical tubing, and plastics. Further, with interchangeable jaw faces, these grips are versatile and adaptable to a wide range of testing needs.

Standard features include:

  • Rated capacity: 250 N
  • Manufactured out of Teflon sealed, hard-coated aluminum to prevent corrosion and allow for submersion in fluid bath)
  • Extremely light weight for compatibility with 5.0 N load cell
  • Open front design to facilitate specimen loading
  • Single cylinder pneumatic clamping with follow-up action to reduce specimen slippage
  • Interchangeable jaw faces to accommodate a variety of specimens and testing requirements
  • Adjustable gripping force
  • Versatile design for minimal maintenance and cleaning
  • Automatic air kit or footswitch allows for hands-free operation, increased efficiency and easy specimen loading

BioPuls Submersible Cord and Yarn Grips
Catalog no. S1-16701

  • Rated capacity: 250 N
  • Similar design to existing cord & yarn grips
  • Application range: sutures, fibers, wire
  • Upper and lower fittings: M6 screw (Type Om optional with 2752-004)
  • Requires 2701-004 Pneumatic footswitch or 2701-065 grip control for operation of grips
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