Grips, specimen holders, quick-change adapters, and pull rods rated for high-temperature testing in furnaces.

Quick-Change Adapters

Quick-change adapters are typically used in hot tensile applications to provide simplified load train installation. They consist of a button-head washer that is threaded onto the room temperature end of a pull rod. The washer and pull rod are then inserted through a slot in the adapter body.

Force Capacity Effective Length Catalog No.
90 kN 6.43 in W-7556M4
10 kN 5.58 in W-7556M2
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Threaded End Specimen Holders
Catalog No. W-7551-C

Threaded-end specimen holders made of Inconel 713-C rated for a maximum temperature of 1100 Deg. C (2000 Deg. F).

Specimen Thread Size Catalog No.
Metric M6 x 1.0 W-7551-CM1
Metric M8 x 1.0 W-7551-CM2
Metric M8 x 1.25 W-7551-CM3
Metric M10 x 1.5 W-7551-CM4
Metric M12 x 1.5 W-7551-CM5
Metric M12 x 1.75 W-7551-CM6
Metric M14 x 2.0 W-7551-CM7
Metric M16 x 1.5 W-7551-CM8
Metric M16 x 2.0 W-7551-CM9
Metric M18 x 2.5 W-7551-CM10
Metric M19 x 1.5 W-7551-CM11
US Customary 10-24 W-7551-CU1
US Customary 10-32 W-7551-CU2
US Customary 1/4-20 W-7551-CU3
US Customary 1/4-28 W-7551-CU4
US Customary 5/16-24 W-7551-CU5
US Customary 5/16-18 W-7551-CU6
US Customary 3/8-16 W-7551-CU7
US Customary 3/8-24 W-7551-CU8
US Customary 7/16-14 W-7551-CU9
US Customary 1/2-13 W-7551-CU10
US Customary 5/8-11 W-7551-CU11
US Customary 3/4-10 (Type R3f) W-7551-CU12
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Pull Rods

High temperature pull rods made of made of Inconel 713-C for strength and resistance to corrosion and oxidation. Both ends are threaded 0.75-10m-RH and are compatible with a range of grips, adapters, and specimen holders.

Rated for 9070 kgs (20,000 lbs) load up to 760°C (1400°F) and 1360 kgs (3000 lbs) load at a maximum temperature of 1100°C (2000°F).

Pull Rod Length Force Capacity Catalog No.
273 mm (10.75 in) 90 / 26.7 kN W-7546-C
330 mm (13.00 in) 90 / 26.7 kN W-7547-C
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Pin and Clevis Holders

Pin and clevis specimen holders are designed for flat specimens that have a hole in each end. The specimen fits into the slot of the holder and is secured by the pin.

Note: Using a specimen that is smaller (thinner) than the slot width specified for a given set of holders can result in misalignment of the specimen.

Material Iconel 713-C
Temperature Rating 1100°C (2000°F)
Upper and Lower Fittings US Customary 3/4 in-10 (Type R3f)
Coupling Length 69.9 mm (2.75 in)
Coupling Diameter 28.6 mm (1.125 in)

Available Sizes
Size Catalog No.
1 mm slot, 3 mm pin CP112249
2 mm slot, 3 mm pin CP112250
3 mm slot, 4 mm pin CP112251
4 mm slot, 4 mm pin CP112252
6 mm slot, 6 mm pin CP112253
10 mm slot, 10 mm pin CP112255
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