Temperatue Control System for SF Series Three Zone Furnaces

Temperature control systems are designed for controlling the heat output of furnaces. The control systems are compatible with all furnace systems offered as new equipment and can be configured to operate nearly any furnace with any one of several different thermocouples types. Three zone contol systems are designed for heat-only furnaces with three separate zones of heating elements, and typically three different thermocouples to control those zones.

Principle Of Operation

Typical systems consist of three model Eurotherm controllers. Each controller independently controls the temperature of a furnace chamber zone. Automatically controlled systems allow the user to program a set-point or test temperature, and the controller controls a zero-cross fired SCR to control the current to each zone. Systems use Type K or R/S thermocouples to monitor temperature either from the furnace wall or attached to the specimen. Zero-cross SCRs are used for stable high current control or power going to the furnace/chamber heating elements. The electrical isolation and heat sink coiling design offers long life and stability.