High-Temperature Extensometers < 600 °C Capacitive

Instron® High-Temperature Extensometers are perfect for testing advanced composites, metals, polymers and other materials at elevated temperatures. This series incorporates a capacitive sensor that does not require any cooling. The extensometers come standard with a sensor conditioner unit providing a 0-10 V output with exceptionally low noise. These extensometers can be attached to round and flat specimens to perform tensile, compression, and cyclic tests.

Principle Of Operation

The specimen displacement is measured using a capacitive sensor, providing the extensometer with the ability to withstand high temperatures without active cooling. The dual-flexure design makes these units very durable and allows them to be left on the specimen through failure. The extensometers are easy to mount and feature integral spring clips that hold the unit on the specimen. The freestanding sensor conditioner produces a 0-10 V output that connects to the strain channel of the testing system. The conditioner provides an electrical calibration signal so that the strain channel on the testing machine can be set up without the need for a mechanical calibrator.

Application Range

  • Static and cyclic tests up to 100 Hz
  • Suitable for tension, compression and cyclic tests on composites, high-temperature polymers and metals


Item Name Cat #
High Temp Extensometer, 25mm Length, +50/-8% Travel CP118413