W-5158-2 | Tensile Holders for Shoulder-End and Button-head Specimens

300kN, ASTM E8, A370

One set of 300kN Split Sleeve Insert Holders for tensile testing of shoulder-end and button-head specimens, prepared to the Instron standard specimen machining diagram.

This set of insert holders requires at least one set of inserts to perform a test. Choose from W-5158-* selections that follow.

Static Capacity: 300kN (67,500 lbf)

Frame attachment: 1.5-6 inch RHf

Effective Length: 83mm (3.3 inch)

Configuration requirements:

  1. At minimum one set of inserts is required for use with the insert holder to test.
  2. Customer must confirm specimen dimensions with Instron Standard specimen drawing 231249-2.
  3. Any non-standard specimens will require a set of W-5158-X custom inserts.
  4. To install the tensile holders onto the load frame, a set of tension alignment adapters is required.
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