Hydraulic Wedge Action Grip Accessories

Mounting hardware and adaptors can be added to hydraulic wedge action grips. Mounting hardware provides the interface between the grips and the load frame while adaptors can be added to increase the range of testing functionality.

By simply choosing the appropriate adaptor, auxiliary fixtures can be mounted to the main grip body. This makes it possible to carry out other modes of testing without the need to remove large capacity grips. This convenience allows all testing to be carried out in one test area at one working test height - saving on setup time.

Principle Of Operation

Mounting hardware includes two threaded studs and two self-locking taper washers. This hardware connects the hydraulic wedge grips to the load frame and ensures that the grips don't rotate or move during a test.

Piggyback adaptors are easily mounted on all hydraulic wedge grips to allow lower force grips to be used. Positive mechanical location ensures secure mounting and ease of use.

Application Range

  • Wedge action grips 
  • Tension grips for shoulder and threaded specimens 
  • Fastener grips 
  • Compression anvils / platens 
  • 3 and 4 point bend fixture


Item Name Cat #
Secondary Load String Adapting Kit W-5324