Hydraulic Grip Controls

Hydraulic grip controls provide opening and closing control for hydraulic grips fitted to servohydraulic systems without the need for a free-standing pump. The configuration includes a handset, manifold with adjustable gripping pressure, and hoses for connecting the grips to the system’s hydraulic supply.

Principle Of Operation

The handset allows the upper and lower grips to be opened and closed. Gripping pressure is set from a regulator on the hydraulic manifold.

Application Range

  • Hydraulic grips requiring operating pressures of up to 207-bar (3,000 psi) 
  • Compatible with model 8801, 8802, 8803, 8804, 8871, 8872, 8874, 8511, 8516 and 8502, 8503, 8504, 8505, 8506 servohydraulic systems


Item Name Cat #
Hydraulic Grip Controls for Servohydraulic Test Systems 2718-111