Airkits for Pneumatic Grips

Pneumatic airkits, foot-switches, or distribution kits are optionaly provided for ease of grip closure and productivity. Particularly the foot-switch capability allows both hands to be free to handle the specimen while the foot will actuate the grip closure. It will depend on the type of system in the lab that determines the extent of the pneumatic features that be used.

Principle Of Operation

The Automatic Airkit is by far the most useful option available for Instron's current products. It can be used by simply stepping on a switch to close the grips, or settings can be arranged in the controller which may automatically close on a predifined load reading (indicating a certain tension) and open the grips based on specimen break. 

The pneumatic foot-switch channels the air to either close or open the grip on demand.

The air distribution kit is available to provide air to some of the grips which have an integrated toggle switch, but one hand is required to be free.

Application Range

  • All Instron Pneumatic Grips
Item Name Compatible Frame Models Cat #
Air Control Conversion Kit 2701-074
Automatic Air Control Kit Automatic Air Control Kit for all 3300, 4400 and 5500 Series load frames, excluding Model 4411 (pre 2701-065
Automatic Air Control Kit 2701-075
Universal Air Distribution Kit (No Pretension or Footswitch) Universal Air Distribution Kit(no pretension or footswitch). 2701-042
Universal Pneumatic Footswitch (No Pretension) Universal Pneumatic Footswitch(no pretension). 2701-004
智能闭合空气套件 3400 系列, 6800 系列 2701-095