Set of four (4) J-Bolts to attach MPX-V2 machine to customer constructed foundation.

Includes J-Bolts, Hex Nuts, Washers, and Polymer Nuts

Approximate Dimensions M24x3p Thread, 26 in (660 mm) high, 7 in (175 mm) length bent section. Polymer nuts allow J-Bolts to be attached to foundation template when pouring concrete. When the machine is installed and the J-Bolts are tightened to full load, the polymer nuts deform and allow the machine to be tightened directly against the concrete.

Configuration notes for MPX-V1:

  1. When an auxiliary base is used, supply the following: Qty 1 for 300MPX and 450MPX; Qty 2 for 600MPX thru 900MPX
  2. When an auxiliary base is not used, supply the following: Qty 2 for all MPX models

Configuration notes for MPX-V2:

  1. Qty 1 for 450MPX-J1/J2
  2. Qty 2 for 750MPX-J3/J4 and 900MPX-J5
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