Protective Shields

Test space enclosures or protective shields are sometimes a necessary accessory depending on the type of specimen being tested. Violent failures of specimens are common when testing rebar, cable, composites, rock, or any other material that shatters or creates projectiles upon failure. 

The enclosures/shields are constructed of a vibration proof extruded aluminum frame with clear Lexan panels. Clear panels on all sides allow an unobstructed view of the load train during the test, while providing full protection for the operator and surrounding area. The panels are held in the aluminum frame with rubber panel gaskets to ensure a tight, rattle-free shield. Access door(s) are integrated into the enclosure to allow operator access to the load train or removal of extensometry. 

Most enclosures/shields are available with door interlocks to prevent operation of the machine unless the doors are closed.

Principle Of Operation

Depending on the frame model, the enclosure/shield is either bolted directly to the frame or is a free-standing enclosure that completely surrounds the test frame. Some frames require a separate front and back enclosure to completely enclose the test space, though sometimes a rear enclosure is not necessary. 

When supplied without interlocks, the enclosure does not interrupt operation or interface with the control system. 

When dictated by procedure or directive, door safety interlocks can be integrated into the enclosure/shield door. This will require that the door(s) be closed prior to starting a test and will interrupt the test in the event that a door is opened during a test. When used with Instron testing software that allows a test to be paused, access is allowed to the test space at specific points during the test to allow removal of extensometry without halting the test.

Application Range

  • Clear anodized extruded aluminum frame for superior strength and looks while minimizing weight 
  • Clear Lexan panels for observation during the test 
  • Access doors to allow operator access 
  • Available with or without door safety interlocks