Flexure Fixtures

Bend or flexure testing provides a convenient method for characterizing the strength of the miniature components and specimens that are typical of those found in microelectronics applications.

Fixtures are available for both three and four point loading.

Principle Of Operation

The specimen is supported on two lower anvils set at a defined distance. The support span can be adjusted according to the specimen size. Force is applied to the specimen by an upper anvil located at the mid-span of the lower anvils. Some fixtures feature an option for four-point loading.

Application Range

  • Bend and flexure tests on a wide variety of miniature components and specimens


Item Name Capacity Support Span Cat #
4 Point Anvil Option for 2810-412 Capacity 2 kN (400 lb, 200 kgf). 2 kN 450 lbf 2810-413
Micro 3 Point Bend Fixture. Rated capacity: 1 kN 1 kN 225 lbf 3 - 10 mm 0.12 - 0.4 in 2810-411
Micro 3 Point Bend Fixture. Rated capacity: 100 N 0.1 kN 22 lbf 1 mm 0.039 in 2810-410
Miniature 3 Point Bend Fixture. Rated capacity: 2 kN 2 kN 450 lbf 5 - 105 mm 0.2 - 4 in 2810-412