Notching machines are designed to notch specimens for impact resilience according to Izod, Charpy and Tensile impact methods. These instruments use a linear knife cutting technique to avoid overheating and consequent stresses during the specimen's notching operations. Therefore, an accurate notch preparation is guaranteed. Manual, motorized and fully-automatic models are available to cover the different testing needs.


  • Compact design of instrument for an easy and fast preparation
  • Manual and automatic models obtain specimens of different size and geometries for a wide range of plastics testing applications
  • High level of results repeatability and time saving test procedures
  • Range of Models
  • Manual and Motorized Models

Range of Models

Automatic Model AN50

  • Notch 50 specimen in a single cycle for large productivity
  • Adjustable cutting speed for more sensitive materials  
  • Store key parameters for later use
  • Optional knife cooling system
  • Double notch loader

Manual and Motorized Models

  • Notch thermoplasets and composite materials specimen
  • Notch obtained by a constant profile knife with an alternating linear movement
  • For high-precision, a micro metric head with digital display can be supplied to ensure a constant monitoring of the specimen notch


  • ISO 2818
  • ISO 179
  • ISO 180
  • ISO 8256
  • ASTM 6110
  • ASTM D256
  • DIN 53453
  • Industry/customer specific geometries and dimensions
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