No longer in production, the 3300 Series universal testing systems were replaced by the 3400 Series testing systems in 2020. The 3340 single column, 3360 dual column table models, and 3380 floor models were first introduced in 2002 and were designed to perform tensile, compression, flexure/bend, peel, tear, shear, and cyclic tests.

  • 200:1 force range (i.e. use the load cell to 0.5% of capacity with no loss of accuracy)
  • Load accuracy of 0.5% of indicated load
  • 500Hz data acquisition rate
  • Full software control (cyclic capability optional)
  • Compatible with Bluehill® Software / Instron Remote Technical Support (RTS)
  • Automatic transducer recognition for load cells and extensometers
  • Thousands of optional grips and fixtures
  • Optional temperature chambers
  • Extra height and width options available
  • Full CE compliance

Accessory Compatibility

The 3300 Series frames remain compatible with our extensive selection of accessories, including grips, fixtures, load cells, extensometers, environmental chambers, and many other frame accessories.

Out of Production Frames
Model Capacity
Single Column Table Models
3342 0.5 kN
3343 1 kN
3344 2 kN
3345 5 kN
Dual Column Table Models
3365 5 kN
3366 10 kN
3367 30 kN
3369 50 kN
Dual Column Floor Models
3382 100 kN
3384 150 kN
3385H 250 kN

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