Building a Business Case for Modernisation: An Interview with Nick Shrubsall

Our own Nick Shrubsall, Product and Marketing Manager for Instron’s Dynamic Upgrades and Accessories business, talks to AZoM about their Lab Health Check campaign for upgrading old equipment and helping improve reliability, productivity and capability.

AZoM talks to Nick Shrubsall on Instron’s new Lab Health Check initiative, created to help customers improve the reliability, productivity and capability of their test labs by focusing on the improvement of their existing equipment:

As Nick states: “Our Lab Health Check Campaign offers customers the chance to get a free consultation which will give them insight into their lab performance and the status of their existing equipment. We can then help to highlight areas of business risk and also opportunities for improvement and growth. The idea of investing in current equipment can often be overlooked, but is a cost effective and efficient way to increase both capability and throughput within a lab.”

Azom - Nick

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Originally posted on July 09, 2015 , Updated On June 20, 2024