Traceability Webinar + Q&A

Q&A From the Live Webinar

Can users modify their own theme/background color or the test screen layout?

There is a permission in security that can be set to disable a user's ability to edit the workspace. By turning this permission off, users cannot change graph settings like the x-axis and y-axis labels, or change units on the graph or results table. However, user's cannot set their own theme of background colors. Graph colors, screen layout is configured in the method.

Can secondary/tertiary reviewer be renamed to align with the reviewer’s role? E.g. Change secondary review to be Data Integrity Reviewer.

No, currently, the permission naming is fixed in security. Users cannot rename security permissions.

In the demonstration, you showed that "Newt" made a comment that he forgot the new product IDs for samples 2 and 3. Why did we not see this comment in the review pages for "Sam" or "Maya"?

In the demo, Newt's comment when saving the sample file does appear when Sam or Maya made the review. The file name was collapsed in the demonstration, however it can be expanded (not shown in the demo). In the expanded view, the comment appears. Sorry for not showing it! Each comment made to any file also appears in the audit trail under the 'comment' header.

Does the software notify you when you have to perform a review or do you just have to check the Traceability tab each time you log in?

No, currently, the software does not notify the user that an approval or rejection has been made. Your feedback has been noted -- that is a great feature request!

Does the PDF get generated only after all the necessary reviews and approvals have been performed?

No, the PDF is generated at 'Finish'. However, it will only have one signature on it.

Can a user "Newt" see the Method parameters even though he does not have the tab for Method?

No, a user that doesn't have access to the method tab cannot see the method parameters unless those method parameters are added to the workspace. In the demo, I added 'Part ID' to the workspace, so Newt was able to interface with that method parameter. You could add other method parameters to the workspace like specimen dimensions, or test speed if that makes sense for your testing.

After a method change request is submitted, before the request is approved, can the unchanged method still be used to perform test? Can another user still use the unchanged method version?

If a method is submitted for review, no user can test with that method until it is approved.

Will this be a new version of Bluehill or an add on to our current Bluehill? (Current on Bluehill 4.08)

You can upgrade to the latest version of Bluehill Universal and add the Traceability Module.

Is there an audit trail if someone were to "Stop" the test in the middle?

Yes, if the test is stopped that will be tracked.

We currently use ComplianceBuilder that was sold to us for use with Bluehill Universal. How does this new module affect the ComplianceBuilder use and relationship?

ComplianceBuilder is a Windows-based solution that will work with Bluehill Traceability.

What kind of database? Is it Access or SQL and will it work with the existing ComplianceBuilder database and TrendTracker database?

The database used for the audit trail is a local SQL database. It is a separate database from TrendTracker and ComplianceBuilder.

Can Tracability controls be set only for certain methods? ie, if only certain projects need to be under this level of security.

No, Traceability is configured per a system.

If a method is currently up to rev.6, can you go back and run under rev.4 (for example)?

Currently, no -- you can see all changes made between rev 4 and rev 6 and modify the method to go back to rev 4 parameters, however this will require manual changes.

Will there be a Qualification available for the Data Integrity modules?

Yes, there will be IQ/OQ services available for Bluehill Universal Traceability.

Can you include the audit trails on the reports?

No, the entire audit trail cannot be included in the PDF report, however you can print the entire audit trail or sections of the audit trail and attach it to your reports.

I saw a Database tab on your Admin screen. I haven't seen that tab before.

The database tab is used for TrendTracker software. The Trendtracker plug-in allows users to export directly to a SQL database. You can then use the TrendTracker Viewer to search results in the TrendTracker database.

Is this compatable with all software versions?

Bluehill Traceability is a new module that will be released in the latest version of Bluehill Universal v4.16 or higher.

Originally posted on February 03, 2020 , Updated On June 18, 2024