New Torsion Add-On 2.0 for Biaxial Testing to Debut at MD&M West 2019

Instron, a leading global manufacturer of materials testing systems, will debut their freshly enhanced Torsion Add-On 2.0 for universal testing machines at MD&M West 2019. This new product is designed to convert axial-only testing machines into biaxial testing systems capable of simulating real-world use of products subjected to multi-axis loading.

Torsion Add On 20 Twisting Cap of Child Proof Bottle

Gone are the days when testing laboratories needed separate axial-only and torsional-only test systems to perform biaxial testing on medical devices and packaging such as luer locks, bone screws, child-proof bottles, and medical tubing. The compact Torsion Add-On can be added to any new or existing Instron 5940 or 5960 Series tabletop universal testing machine and meets the axial and torsional control requirements of common standards like ISO 11040-4, ISO 80369, and ASTM F543.

Torsion Add-On Biomedical Testing Applications

The new hardware is controlled by two new TestProfiler method types in Bluehill® Universal testing software. TestProfiler provides simplified method development and more intuitive control of the axial and torsional drives. Designed for touch, Bluehill Universal is controlled with a touchscreen Operator Dashboard that mounts directly onto the test machine. By mounting the Operator Dashboard onto the frame, laboratories can improve ergonomics and save as much as 55% of table space by eliminating the traditional PC setup. In addition, calculations in Bluehill Universal now incorporate force, torque, displacement, and rotation measurements.

Attendees of MD&M West 2019 can see demonstrations of the new Torsion Add-On system at the Instron booth #2355 at the Anaheim Convention Center between February 5-7, 2019.