Instron Professional Services

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Calibration & Verification.


Instron provides accredited on-site and return to Instron calibration laboratory services to address verification and calibration needs of the materials testing community. Instron’s calibration laboratories and our global accredited calibration services network are built upon national and international accreditation processes and standards. Our calibration laboratories have been developed to meet the accuracy and measurement range requirements of our own manufacturing and design teams.

You can be assured that your instruments are being calibrated to the highest industry standards and that the calibration data is accurate, traceable, and repeatable. 

Calibration and Verification


Preventative Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Maintain productivity and test accuracy, extend the life of your investment, and minimize the disruption of unplanned downtime. Using manufacture’s recommendations, we will work with you to design a preventive maintenance program to fit your schedule and equipment use model. 

Preventative Maintenance

Implementation Assistance

Implementation Assistance

Our team of application specialists and product experts will work with you to help you maximize the return from your investment. We have the necessary skills and experience having helped materials testing and R&D customers for more than 55 years. Our applications experience spans metals, plastics, composites, biomedical … We can help you achieve your specific test objectives. 

Implementation Assistance

Installation and Relocation


Our installation process begins before equipment arrives to help you understand how to prepare your site and plan for installation, and it doesn’t end until successful hardware and software installation has been confirmed, required preventive maintenance procedures are understood, and the training of operators and test developers is completed to operate and apply our solutions. Software update and upgrade installation assistance is also available should it be needed.


We can work with you to implement validation procedures to address your specific IQ and OQ validation and documentation needs.


Repair Services & Parts

Repair and Parts

When systems are unavailable costs rise, productivity drops, and customer commitments can be put at risk.

We recommend preventive maintenance services to minimize down time and costs. When repair is necessary our experienced global repair services team, backed by dedicated replacement part inventories, stands ready to quickly and efficiently restore operation of your testing system.

We will support your system for as long as it is technically and economically feasible. When appropriate, we can recommend and install upgrades to extend the useful of the testing equipment, significantly lower repair costs, and add new functionality to maximize return on your investment.

Repair Services and Parts

Updates and Upgrades

Upgrades and Updates

Upgrading your current Instron system and keeping system software updated will extend the life of your investment, revitalizing your testing system at a fraction of the cost of a new system. Current up-to-date system hardware and system software features enable you to unlock the full potential of your investment in an Instron testing system: increasing productivity, addressing new requirements, and improving the accuracy and repeatability of results. Instron can also help you evaluate the value to be found in retrofitting the latest Instron software and controller electronics to non-Instron load frames.

Updates and Upgrades