Updating or Upgrading Your Instron System and Software

Why Upgrade or Update Your Instron System and Software?

Upgrading your current Instron system and keeping system software updated will extend the life of your investment, revitalizing your testing system at a fraction of the cost of a new system.

Current up-to-date system hardware and system software features enable you to unlock the full potential of your investment in an Instron testing system:  increasing productivity, addressing new requirements, and improving the accuracy and repeatability of results.

Instron can also help you evaluate the value to be found in retrofitting the latest Instron software and controller electronics to non-Instron load frames. Solutions are available for servohydraulic fatigue testing machines including Schenck, Dartec, MTS, Zwick, Shimadzu, Mayes, and other manufacturers.

Services & Support

During the upgrading or updating of your system Instron’s professional services team will assist you  and speed implementation with onsite pre update/upgrade maintenance services , hardware and software installation,  IQOQ  as needed,  and the training of your staff to take full advantage of the value found in the updating or upgrading of your system.

Software Update Releases

In addition to major system software upgrades we frequently release updates for current Instron software solutions, e.g.  BlueHill, Test Profiler, Trend-Tracker.