ASTM D1894 塑料薄膜与薄片的静态和动态摩擦系数

ASTM D1894

ASTM D1894 is a standardized test method used for determining static (μ_s ) and kinetic (μ_k ) coefficients of friction of plastic film and sheeting. Plastic film is a widely used material in the packaging industry and includes many types of food packaging (produce bags, carton liners, meat seal wrap) and non-food packaging (envelope liners, potting soil sacks). Plastic films are also key components of more complex products, such as electric vehicle batteries. In order to ensure that they perform as expected for the end user, the frictional properties of these films must be characterized and controlled. 

ASTM D1894 Test Setup
6800 Series Universal Testing System
 Bluehill Universal Software
 2530 Series Load Cell
2810-005 Coefficient of Friction Fixture


ASTM D1894 coefficient of friction films
How to Perform a Test to ASTM D1894

This test requires the use of Instron's 2810-005 Coefficient of Friction fixture, which is specifically designed to meet the requirements of ASTM D1895 and ISO 8295. The film under test is secured on a flat surface and a sled of known weight is wrapped in the same material. The motion of the crosshead drags the sled along the film being tested and the force measured is used to determine both the static and kinetic coefficients of friction. Complete details on how to perform this test can be found by reading the full  ASTM D1894 standard.

Tips and Tricks
  • Instron’s 6800 controller can accurately measure forces down to 0.1% (1/1000th) of the 2580 series load cell's capacity, enabling the measurement of very low forces and potentially eliminating the need for multiple load cells. The lowest capacity 2580 series load cell is 500 N, meaning it can maintain 1% accuracy from 0.5 N to 500 N. Instron’s 2530 series load cells can maintain 1% accuracy down to 1/250th of the cell’s capacity when used on a 6800 frame. The lowest capacity 2530 series load cell is 5 N, meaning it can maintain 1% accuracy from 0.02 N to 5 N. Forces beneath the lower limits of the 2580 and 2530 series cells can be measured, but Instron cannot guarantee 1% accuracy.
  • Instron's Bluehill Universal testing software has advance pre-built methods available for ASTM D1894 to ensure that your test speeds and calculations are compliant.
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6800 系列高级测试系统宣传册

Instron 6800 系列通用测试系统可提供无与伦比的准确性和可靠性。6800 系列以专利申请中的操作员保障系统架构为依托,架构采用全新的 Smart-Close 空气套件并具有碰撞缓解功能,使得材料测试比以往任何时候都更简单、更智能、更安全。

Bluehill Universal 宣传册

Bluehill Universal 软件从头开始构建,旨在提供触摸互动和直观的用户体验。使用诸如预装测试方法、几秒钟内快速测试、增强的数据导出以及 Instron Connect(一种全新功能,可提供与服务的直接通信联系)等功能,发现更简单、更智能的测试。 Bluehill 2 和 Bluehill 3 等以前版本软件的用户可以轻松升级到最新版本的 Bluehill。

2810-005 摩擦系数工装

Instron 的 2810-005 摩擦系数工装使用 ASTM D1894 或 ISO 8295 标准测量塑料薄膜和塑料板的静摩擦系数和动摩擦系数。

2580 系列载荷传感器

Instron 2580 系列载荷传感器经过专门设计,可与 5900 和 6800 系列测试系统搭配使用;性能卓越,能够测量低至力容量 1/1000 的力,精度为读数的 0.5%。

2530 系列低力载荷传感器

Instron 2530 系列载荷传感器经过专门设计,可与任何 Instron 的低力测试系统搭配使用。 力容量范围从 ±5 N 到 ±100 N(0.5 – 10 kgf、1.12 – 22.5 lbf),测量范围宽,可测量低至载荷传感器力容量 1/500 的力。