ASTM D4018 使用自动引伸计的复合材料纤维束的拉伸试验

ASTM D4018 composite tow tensile testing

ASTM D4018 is a test method that covers the preparation and tensile testing of resin-impregnated and consolidated test specimens made from continuous filament carbon and graphite yarns, rovings, and tows to determine their tensile properties. It also cover the determination of the density and mass per unit length of the yarn, roving, or tow to provide supplementary data for tensile property calculation.

The test methods determined by ASTM D4018 are intended for the testing of fibers that have been specifically developed for use as reinforcing agents in advanced composite structures. Fiber tows are used along with resin to create composite materials which will ultimately be used for aerospace, automotive, and industrial applications.

Materials Testing System

For testing to ASTM D4018 we recommend a low force table model system such as Instron's 6800 Series. Pneumatic side-action grips allow for repeatable gripping pressure and easy specimen insertion. For strain measurement, an automatic video extensometer such as Instron's AUTOX750 or a non-contacting solution such as the AVE2 are recommended.

ASTM D4018 Test Setup
6800 Series universal testing system
Bluehill Universal software
2580 Series load cell
2712-045 pneumatic side action grips
AUTOX750 automatic contacting extensometer


ASTM D4018 system setup
Testing Tips and Tricks

Instron’s Specimen Protect feature can help protect these delicate specimens from excess force being applied before the test starts. It allows the test operator to set the threshold value at the maximum absolute force that the specimen can experience without damage. If the force exceeds this value, Specimen Protect initiates movement of the crosshead to relieve the force on the specimen.

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Instron 的6800 系列万能材料试验系统提供出色的精度及可靠性。 6800 系列基于正在申请专利的操作员保护架构,具有全新的智能气动控制装置和碰撞保护功能,使材料测试比以往任何时候都更简单、更智能、更安全。

Bluehill Universal 手册

Bluehill Universal 软件专为直观的触摸交互式用户体验而构建。通过预加载试验方法、数秒内的QuickTest、增强数据导出,以及 Instron Connect(一项可与服务工程师直接联系的新功能)等功能去探索更简单、更智能的测试方式。Bluehill 2、 Bluehill 3 等旧版本软件的用户可以轻松升级到最新版本的 Bluehill。

2712-04X 系列气动平推夹具

气动平推夹具适用于各种材料和试样的静态拉伸试验。其载荷范围在 1 至 10 kN之间。

2580 系列载荷传感器

Instron 的 2580 系列载荷传感器专为 5900 系列和 6800系列万能材料试验系统而设计,具有卓越的性能,能够测量低至载荷范围1/1000的力,载荷测量精度为示值的0.5%。

自动接触式引伸计 - AutoX 750

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