ASTM F2606 球囊扩张血管支架及支架系统的三点弯曲

ASTM F2606 stent testing 

ASTM F2606 is a testing standard that specifically focuses on characterizing the flexibility of balloon expandable vascular stents and entire stent systems. Balloon expandable vascular stents are critical medical devices used in angioplasty procedures, which typically involve placing a stent in a blocked or damaged artery in order to support the artery and prevent it from clogging over time. These procedures can prevent serious vascular diseases and improve the patient’s quality of life.

During deployment of the device and while in-vivo, vascular stents are under constant flexural, compressive, and torsional forces. Any failure of the device could be extremely dangerous for the patient and result in puncturing the vascular wall.

Materials Testing System

ASTM F2606 uses a materials testing system with a three-point bending fixture to quantify the flexibility of both deployed stents and pre-deployment stent systems. The test can ascertain both the flexural stiffness and conformability of these devices, which is critical in understanding their behavior when placed within the body. Due to the low forces involved, we recommend a 6800 Series testing system with a 100N load cell and a custom flexural fixture designed to meet the specifications of the standard.

ASTM F2606 Test Setup
1) 6800 Series Universal Testing System
2) Bluehill Universal Software
3) 2580 Series Load Cell


ASTM F2606 stent testing

Tips and Tricks

For the most accurate results, ASTM F2606 testing should be performed at average body temperature, 37 degrees Celsius. Consider using Instron's BioBox or BioBath, which create testing environments designed to mimic internal body temperatures and conditions.

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