ISO 14801 预成角骨内牙种植体浸在液体槽中的疲劳试验



最新版本的ISO 14801标准规定了在实验室情况下对这些预成角牙种植体进行疲劳试验的方法。该标准要求种植体固定方向以确保加载角度比种植体长轴与连接体预成轴部分长轴之间的夹角大10°

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ISO 14801

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Dental Implants ISO 14801

ISO 14801 “Dentistry – Implants – Dynamic fatigue test for endosseous dental implants” specifies the procedure for fatigue testing dental implants. Dental implants are designed by various manufacturers and are of different geometries and sizes depending on where they are placed within the mouth. ISO 14801 aims to establish a benchmark for in vitro testing of implants to compare different implant designs and geometries. It does not begin to replicate the complex conditions implants are subjected to when implanted within the oral cavity. Instron’s latest design of the dental implant system is a turnkey solution to meet all of the requirements for ISO 14801 and is ideally suited for use with the ElectroPuls® E1000 or E3000 test instruments.

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