BS EN 1719 Tack Measurement for Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

envelopes and tensile grips

BS EN 1719 determines the “loop tack” measurement for coated pressure-sensitive adhesives. This standard is primarily used by manufacturers of paper and board, packaging, and disposable sanitary products to measure the strength of things such as envelope adhesives and diaper tab adhesives. To create specimens for this test, adhesive strips are formed into a loop and gripped together. The adhesive loop is brought down into contact with a flat rigid plate at a rate of 5 mm/s. When the loop contacts the plate over approximately 25 mm by 25 mm, the adhesive loop is pulled upwards at a rate of 5 mm/s and the maximum force to fully separate the loop from the plate is recorded.

Materials Testing System

Instron’s 6800 Series frames enable data capture of up to 2.5 kHz to ensure that all fast-changing test events are captured. Too low of a bandwidth may “dull” the results and lead to a missed peak, resulting in artificially lower loop tack values. System capacity will depend on the strength of the elastomer; however most tests to this standard will be very low force, making this application perfect for a single column frame (34SC or 68SC).  

BS EN 1719 Test Setup
1) 6800 Series Universal Testing System
2) Bluehill Universal Software
3) 2580 Series Load Cell
4) 2712-041 Pneumatic Side Action Grips


materials testing system

Pneumatic side action grips prevent specimen slippage by maintaining a constant clamping pressure throughout testing. These are available in capacities from 50 N up to 10 kN, but BS EN 1719 only requires the very lowest end of this force spectrum. Both pneumatic and advanced side action grips feature quick-change jaw faces that can be easily changed to accommodate different materials.

50 N Model | 2712-051
250 N Model | 2712-052
Testing Tips and Tricks
  • Bluehill Universal is provided with one free application module upon purchase. Each module contains pre-configured test methods and supporting documentation to assist with testing to various standards, including BS EN 1719, which is part of the Adhesives module. Please note that this method requires the use of TestProfiler.
  • To read this standard in full, purchase BS EN 1719.
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